For God So Loved 14: The Birth of the Savior

Luke 1:26-38, 46-55

Luke 2:1-20


Angel – spiritual being that serves God

Blessed – favored

Gracious – kind, merciful, compassionate

Census – counting of all people in a country

Manger – area that contains hay for animals to eat

Inn – place for travelers to stay overnight

Flock – a herd or group of sheep


  1. What was the angel’s message to Mary?
  2. What was Mary’s reaction to the message?
  3. Why do you think Mary might have been disturbed by the message?
  4. Who was Mary’s child to be?
  5. What was special about him?
  6. What was Mary’s question about the child? What was the answer?
  7. Why do you think God chose Mary? What was her character like?
  8. Why would God send his son into the world as a human being?
  9. Why did Mary praise God? How did she describe God?
  10. What else can you learn about Mary by her reaction to God’s message?
  11. Why were Mary and Joseph traveling?
  12. Where were they when Mary’s baby was born? Why were they there?
  13. Why do you think God chose a lowly house instead of a palace for the birthplace of his son? What might this tell us about God?
  14. How was the birth of the baby announced to the world?
  15. How did the angel describe the baby?
  16. Whom did the angels appear to? Why them? What does this teach us about God?
  17. Why did the shepherds praise God?

The story of Jesus’ birth tells us that God loved us so much that he entered the world as one of us in the body of his son. God understand the difficulties and hardships of our lives because he became a human like we are. What does that mean to you?

Scriptures Referenced

Luke 1:26-38
Luke 1:46-55
Luke 2:1-20