For God So Loved 12: I Saw the Lord

Isaiah 6



Train – long part of a robe that goes past the feet

Flaming Creatures/Seraphim – angels; spirits that serve God

Unclean – not pure, clean; not worthy

Desolate – not able to grow plants, without life


  1. What did Isaiah see?
  2. What were the angels saying about God? Why?
  3. Why would their voices make the temple shake?
  4. How did Isaiah respond to this scene?
  5. How did the angels respond to Isaiah?
  6. What did it mean to touch the coal to Isaiah’s lips?
  7. How would that make him clean?
  8. What kind of man is God looking for?
  9. How does Isaiah respond to God’s question?
  10. How was he prepared to be God’s messenger?
  11. What response can Isaiah expect from the people?
  12. What would happen if the people heard and understood?
  13. Why would God give a discouraging picture to his messenger?
  14. How does Isaiah react?
  15. What is God’s answer? How is this ending different from the other things God has said?

Isaiah delivered God’s words to the Jewish people for about 50 years. A few people listened to him, but most did not. If you were to come into the presence of a good God, how would you feel about yourself?

Scriptures Referenced

Isaiah 6:1-13