Genesis Bible Study 21: A Rival for Leadership

Reading: Genesis 37-38

Principal Question: Will treachery never end?

Main Point: Not yet, but wait and see.


  1. Read the story. What questions do you have?
  2. Did Joseph deserve what happened to him?
  3. What role did Judah play in this story?      
  4. What do you believe about dreams?
  5. Can you guess the meaning of Joseph’s dreams?
  6. Shechem was the place where sister Dinah was humiliated. Why do you think the brothers returned to Shechem?
  7. How would Jacob have felt about their going back to Shechem?
  8. Do you think Jacob knew how the brothers really felt about Joseph?
  9. Discuss the response of each brother to Joseph.
  10. Why would Reuben try to protect Joseph?
  11. How would the sons of Bilah and Zilpah have felt towards Joseph (Genesis 37:2)?
  12. Try to guess how Simeon and Levi fit into the discussion.
  13. Describe any family traits you have observed now for four generations.
  14. If trust is the measure of relationship, what hope do you see for this family to survive as one unified clan?

Scriptures Referenced

Genesis 37:1 - 38:30