The Fruit of the Spirit - Study 4: Patience

An Introduction

In the Bible, patience is often attributed to God. It often talks about his patience towards humanity – his restraint in giving time for people to repent. When patience is applied to others in the Bible, it is to urge them to be like God, often to avoid fighting.

Read James 5:7-8 and 2 Peter 3:15

Exploring the Passage

1) How can patience mean salvation?

2) Do you think patience is something to actively work at, or a passive waiting for something to happen to us?

3) Shouldn’t everyone be able to be patient? Why is it considered a fruit of the Holy Spirit?

Charting the Course

1) Do you use patience as a method to prevent conflict?

2) How can you work at becoming more patient?

Scriptures Referenced

James 5:7-8
2 Peter 3:15-15