Ephesians Bible Study - Day 4

I. Background Information

  • Gentiles (v 11): this was the Jewish word for anyone who was not a Jew.
  • Uncircumcised/Circumcised (v 11): the Jewish people cut some skin off of the end of the baby boys’ sex organ. This was a sign that they were dedicated to God.
  • Covenants (v 12): a special type of agreement or contract. The covenant referred to here was the promise God made to the Jewish people to watch over them and use them to do His work –  and the laws He gave them to guide their society.
  • Sacred Temple (v 21): a temple is a special building for worship ceremonies. Here it is a picture of all of the people who follow God. People from every nation who follow Jesus are like stones used to build this special building dedicated to the worship of God.

II. Read Passage (Ephesians 2:11-22)

  • Underline main ideas as you read.

III. Summary

In the second section, Paul stresses that even though God first began to reveal Himself through the Jewish nation, now all people from every nation who follow Jesus are equally His people. We are now all one big family of brothers and sisters and God wants to use all of us in the work He is doing in the world.

IV. Daily Thoughts (write out your answers)

  1. What did you learn today? Write down a few thoughts you have about what you read.
  1. What questions do you have after reading and thinking?
  1. Is there anything you think God wants you to do based on what you read today?
  1. For what people or situations do you need to thank God today?
  1. For what people or situations do you need to ask God’s help today?
  1. Take time to talk to God about these things. (talk and listen) 

Scriptures Referenced

Ephesians 2:11-22