Culture Bible Study 5: Our Bridge to Other Cultures

Sin doesn’t just hang about in the atmosphere. It grabs hold of humans and affects the way we live our lives. The result is that we hurt each other. That is a simple ongoing fact of human reality.

The good news of Jesus Christ comes to repair these breaches and wounds. Salvation does not end with the soul—it simply begins there. When we give our hearts to Jesus, he launches us into a lifetime of ministry of reconciliation, a ministry that interrupts and repairs the ravages of sin.

Read Romans 1:18-32.

1. Why do we have no excuse for our wickedness (v 20)?

2. What is the result of failing to give glory to God (v 21-27)?

3. List the interpersonal conflicts that result from sin (v 29-31)?

4. How do you feel when you come into contact with these sins in others?

4a. In yourself?

5. Choose two sins from your list and explain to the group how these attitudes or actions arise specifically between people of different cultures or socioeconomic groups (manifested, for example, in racism).

6. Why do you suppose culture and status complicate the conflict?

Read Romans 12:9-21.

7. From this passage list ways in which love brings reconciliation to relationships.

8. Identify three intercultural conflicts going on in the world today. (Include one that is close to you personally.)

9. How has society dealt with these conflicts? (Give examples of both positive and negative responses.)

10. Response: Describe how the gospel of reconciliation can bring healing to these conflicts.

Pray that the reconciling love of Christ would be brought to bear in these conflicts.
Commit yourself to peaceful living.

Scriptures Referenced

Romans 1:18-32
Romans 12:9-21