Book of Luke Bible Study 1: What is Justice?

Introductory Questions

  1. Define: (Explain both in English and in your native language.)
  • Justice/injustice:________________________________________
  • Poverty:________________________________________
  • Oppression:________________________________________
  1. What does injustice, poverty, and/or oppression look like in your country?
  1. What has your response been to injustice & poverty?

Reading the Text

Discussion Questions

  1. What do you like best about these passages?
  1. What do you like least?
  1. What do you not understand?
  1. What did I learn about God/Jesus?
  1. What do I need to personally do about this?
  1. Which phrase do I want to take with me personally and continue thinking about?

Note: Questions 4-9 are generic questions that can be applied to any narrative, adapted from a missionary, used by permission.


Scriptures Referenced

Luke 4:14-21
Isaiah 61:1-2
Isaiah 61:7-8
John 3:16-16