Acts: Filled With the Holy Spirit

Jesus had returned to God in heaven after he rose from the dead. Before he left, he made some very specific promises to his followers: that they would not be alone, that he would send God’s Spirit to them, that they would be baptized in the Spirit. His followers were to wait in Jerusalem for the Holy Spirit, who would fill them with power. Then they would be witnesses for Jesus in Jerusalem, the surrounding area, and the ends of the earth.


  • Believers – Jesus’ followers; people who trust in Jesus
  • Holy Spirit – the Spirit of God
  • Apostles – ones sent out; a term used for Jesus’ 12 special followers
  • Prophet – person chosen by God to speak for him
  • Great and glorious day of the Lord – term referring to the day of final judgement


  1. Why do  you think Luke refers to Jesus’ followers as “believers”?
  2. What do the believers hear, see, and do as the Spirit comes and fills them?
  3. What kind of crowd gathered when the noise of the Spirit’s coming was heard? What were they excited about? What were their questions?
  4. How does Peter answer them?
  5. What parts of Joel (the prophet Peter quotes) fit what is happening?
  6. How is the Spirit being “poured out”? On whom?
  7. Describe the signs that will accompany God’s final judgement. Who will be saved in that time?

The Holy Spirit allowed the believers to proclaim God’s message in a way that was understood by everyone listening. What part does the Spirit play today in making God’s witness understood?

Scriptures Referenced

Acts 2:1-22