ISM – First to Welcome

ISM seeks to serve and connect internationals to campus life and a welcoming community, introduce them to Jesus in a respectful and loving way, and encourage them to grow in leadership and in their spiritual lives following God in their home country and around the world.

Recommended Reading

Both Word Pictures and Luke: The Gospel of Amazement take a look at scripture from a more imaginative and story-based viewpoint. This type of reading of scripture can be helpful for teaching it to international students.

Featured Study

This study of Luke takes a look at Jesus' ministry throughout the Gospel of Luke in 12 important events.

ACMI 2014

Held in Atlanta at the end of May, this conference forms an equipping and supportive network for Christians seeking to minister to internationals. Find out more at

Wai Wai Tun

See the story of Wai Wai and her experience at the University of Montana.

Parables of Jesus

Jesus told a lot of stories in the Bible. But what do they all mean? This Bible study series goes through Jesus' parables in-depth to discover what they can tell us now.

Getting Started With ISM

If you want to bring more internationals into your chapter, check out these pages to get some practical tips on how to welcome them.

If you're planting a new ISM chapter, here are some useful suggestions.

We are excited to welcome Marc Papai as the next director of International Student Ministry. He brings 26 years of experience with Intervarsity, and during that time has always been committed to reaching international students. From leading a study with a Chinese student his first year on staff to advocating for ISM as a divisional director, Marc has consistently been involved in and shepherded international ministry. He will start as director beginning July 1 of this year. (read more)

Featured Resource

As if it weren't difficult enough to balance familial expectations, financial pressure and societal expectations, add the strong desire you have to honor and serve God through your major and into your job post-graduation. What does it look like to serve God in your job long term? ...(read more)


Life After Returning Home

Read about a UC-Berkeley student's reactions to returning home after a year in the US.


Q&A With Non-ISM Staff

"I was struck by their magnetic personalities... I also really enjoy seeing the potential impact beyond Wasau and into other parts of the world."

Upcoming Events

ACMI 2014

Atlanta, GA | 29 May - 31 May

InterVarsity Leadership Institute

Cedarville, MI | 5 Jul - 1 Aug 2014

Urbana 15

St. Louis, MO | 27 Dec - 31 Dec (2015)