ISM – First to Welcome

ISM seeks to serve and connect internationals to campus life and a welcoming community, introduce them to Jesus in a respectful and loving way, and encourage them to grow in leadership and in their spiritual lives following God in their home country and around the world.

Urbana 15

Did you meet us at Urbana 15? Want to find out more about ministering among internationals? We've got the page for you!

ACMI Annual Conference

The 2016 ACMI Annual Conference (Association for Christians Ministering among Internationals) will be held in Estes Park, CO May 26-29. Go here for more event information.

Starting Intl Small Groups

Do you want to start studies with international students, but don't know how? This booklet has four trainings and five ready-made Bible studies for you to learn from!

Fruit of the Spirit

What does it mean to have the "fruit of the Spirit"? How do you cultivate this fruit in your life? This 9 part study looks at each one in depth.

Getting Started With ISM

Learn how to reach international students on your campus! Starting ISM: Family Fuels Mission is a video that talks about the importance of a group that feels like a family, rather than an organization.

Urbana 15 IST

See what happened at the Urbana Missions Conference! Video, photos, and audio from the International Students Track is progressively being updated with all the post-conference info you could desire.

Like Reading?

Meet Ben

"When Ben began gathering students on campus, he wasn't thinking about reaching internationals along with them.

But God was."


Gospel in the Land of the Rising Sun

“It is only by God’s grace and mercy that my faith remained and even became stronger during this time of trials.”

Upcoming Events

ACMI 16 ISM Conference

Estes Park, CO | May 26-29, 2016

Thanksgiving House Party 2016

Rindge, NH | Nov 23-25, 2016