ISM – First to Welcome

ISM seeks to serve and connect internationals to campus life and a welcoming community, introduce them to Jesus in a respectful and loving way, and encourage them to grow in leadership and in their spiritual lives following God in their home country and around the world.

Featured Study

These eleven studies begin an overview of the Bible useful for introducing larger groups to the story of God.

Starting ISM

Learn how to reach international students on your campus! Starting ISM: Journeying Towards Jesus is a video about the 5 Thresholds - 5 stages to help internationals through to understanding who Jesus is.


It's that time of year again! Three camps are hosting houseparties over Thanksgiving or winter break. Come to experience a faith community, friendship, and fun!

God & Culture

Why do you think there are so many cultures in the world? What does God think about them? This 6 part series goes through different passages relating God and culture.

Getting Started With ISM

Learn how to reach international students on your campus! Starting ISM: Navigating Differences is a video that takes you through how conflict may arise in cross-cultural situations and what to do about it

Resources Abound

Don't forget to visit the InterVarsity store for great resources for new international students! We have you covered on everything from welcoming t-shirts to booklets on crossing cultures.


Join in the Thanksgiving houseparty in New England or one of the winter houseparties in Michigan or Colorado!


Life After Returning Home

Read about a UC-Berkeley student's reactions to returning home after a year in the US.


Leadership Is Tricky

“Right after I became a Christian was when I needed help the most.”

Upcoming Events

Winter House Party in Colorado

Colorado Springs, CO | 20-26 Dec

Japanese Equipper Conference

Murrieta, CA | 27 Dec - 1 Jan

Winter House Party in Michigan

Cedarville, MI | 27 Dec - 2 Jan