Resources for New Student Outreach

These resources can help attract international students during New Student Outreach (NSO) and make them feel more at home while studying in the United States. Displays and giveaways that include country flags, world maps, and international languages/images/food/music will help you grab the attention of international students and globally-minded Americans.

T-shirts and stadium cups with "welcome" in several languages (InterVarsity staff click here)

Free world maps that include the IFES movement name (sister organizations to InterVarsity) in each country (staff click here)

"Love Your Neighbor" t-shirt with 220 different flags (staff click here)

Bookmarks and Coming to America booklets to help new international students understand culture shock and better adjust to life in America (staff click here)

South Asian music CDs by Aradhna (staff click here)

"Transform Your World" clear passport covers and navy blue tote bags (staff click here for all ISM products)

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