Multi-National Chapter Toolkit

The Multi-National Chapter Toolkit is a collection of tools to help you globalize your chapter and grow your mission with international students. Whether you’re on the ground yourself or mobilizing and equipping others (or both!), each item can be used individually or in combination (like Lego pieces for you to create your own tools for vision-casting, training, MPD & more.)  Each section starts with the smallest or most basic resource.

Top Tools

Vision-Casting Tools

Use any or all components conversations, leadership meetings, LGs, MPD...or any way you’d like (1 page each)

Training Tools

  1. 3x3s Quick Guides - 3 important facts, 3 common mistakes to avoid, 3 best practices to try with corresponding resources on Building Friendships, NSO, developing international leaders, specific people groups, & more (10 topics). See website for simple discussion questions to use for training.
  2. Crossing CulturesUse individually or mix & match:
    1. 3 Short Case Studies  
    2. Starting ISM – 4 videos (use individually or best as a series)
      1. Watch this video on the Power of Presence, discuss, & apply
    3. Growing International Student Involvement - Discovery process, debrief, & next steps
    4. Friendships with International Students booklet - a succinct and practical guide with powerful stories and accessible applications
    5. Crossing Cultures with Jesus - Chapters 3, 4, 5, 6, & 8, use discussion questions in book
  3. Partnership between Americans & Internationals 
    1. Team-building Training: training series & other tools to strengthen cross-cultural partnerships 
    2. Working with int’l student leaders: Contextualized leadership pathway video + Overview/Resource hub

Strategy & Event Tools

  1. Ideas for Large Groups and more - Talks, food, and fun activities
  2. Immigration Ban Kit  – Interact with internationals & the campus
  3. 5 thresholds in ISM Context – See also Starting International Small Groups, especially p.48
  4. Integration Spectrum Models  – 3 general approaches for ISM to take place in a non-ISM group


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Bible Study Tools

  1. Starting Int’l Small Groups  – 4 training sessions, 5 studies, for int’l and/or American students (Can be used as training)
  2. I-GIG Original or Field Test Version [Revised edition coming in January 2018]
  3. I-DIG – Discipleship workbook created for internationals, 12 key topics


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