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Hinduism is one of the oldest religions in the world, originating in the Indus Valley (currently Pakistan) over 3000 years ago.

Often Christians may think they have a firm grasp of Judaism and how to speak to Jewish people because of the shared foundation Judaism and Christianity have.

One great way to get to know international students is to offer to help them with their English. Often this takes the form of conversation partners.

What is the Bible?The Bible is a collection of books used by Christians. “Bible” is from the Greek “biblia” which means “little books”.

Magdalena: Released from Shame is the story of Jesus as told by Mary Magdalene. The movie combines new video with scenes from the Jesus film.

In Christianity Today (CT) magazine’s “Editor’s Bookshelf,” (August 2003 issue) David Neff has reviewed Rodney Stark’s book, explaining that Christian theology is the cat
Indian students are a rapidly growing population among international students in North America and were second behind China in total number of students in 2000-2001.[i][1]  At the university wher
(The author of this article is an Inter Varsity staff worker with a focused ministry among international students. She earned a Masters degree with a thesis on Japanese culture).