Acts: Witnesses in Samaria

Are there groups of people that don’t get along well with each other in your country? How do barriers between different groups come about? Samaria was not far from Jerusalem, but was very culturally different. Jews and Samaritans despised and hated each other, because they worshipped God in different places and with different customs.


  1. What happens to the church after Stephen’s death?
  2. What did Saul do? What do you think he wants to accomplish?
  3. Where do the believers go? What do they do when they get there?
  4. Did the persecution of the church lead to a bad or a good thing?
  5. What does Philip do when reaching Samaria? How do the people of Samaria receive him?
  6. Who is Simon? What kind of person is he?
  7. Compare what Simon and Philip each did. How are they different?
  8. What happens as a result of Philip’s preaching?
  9. What do the leaders in Jerusalem do when they hear about the new believers in Samaria?
  10. Why is it an important sign when the Holy Spirit comes on the new believers?
  11. What was Simon’s reaction to the Holy Spirit? What do you think his motives are?
  12. What does Peter think about Simon’s offer?
    1. Some people today say God will make you rich if you give them money. What would Peter say about this kind of teaching?
  13. What is God’s motivation for his gifts? What were Philip’s and Peter’s motivation for sharing the gifts with others?

Scriptures Referenced

Acts 8:1-25