Acts: The Power of Jesus' Name

Throughout Luke, we saw that Jesus was a person sent from God with authority from God. This was proven by the miracles and wonders he did. After the Holy Spirit filled his followers, they also did miracles and wonders. This proved that God’s power was working through them.


  • Temple – the center of Jewish worship
  • Nazareth – town where Jesus grew up
  • Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob – the three famous ancestors of the people of Israel
  • Pilate – the Roman governor of the Jews who gave the order to crucify Jesus
  • Glory – wonderful brightness
  • Faith – belief or trust
  • Messiah – Anointed One; deliverer promised by God
  • Repent – turn around; turn away from sin and to God
  • Holy – chosen by God; separate from sin and wrong things
  • Prophets – people chosen to speak for God
  • Moses – most important leader and prophet in the Old Testament. God gave the Jewish laws to Israel through Moses
  • Covenant – agreement between God and men describing their relationship
  • Bless – bring good upon


  1. Where did Peter and John go? Who else was there?
  2. How did the lame man support himself? What do you think his expectations were for the rest of his life?
  3. What did the lame man think he would get from Peter and John? What did he get instead?
  4. Try to imagine the lame man’s feelings. What do you think went through his mind during this entire event?
  5. How did other people react?
  6. What questions does Peter answer?
  7. Where did the power to heal the lame man come from?
  8. Peter calls Jesus by three different titles: Messiah, prophet, servant. What does each title mean? What part of Jesus’ work do each describe?
  9. How responsible was Peter’s audience for what happened to Jesus?
  10. What does Peter urge his listeners to do? What will the result be?
  11. To Peter’s audience, Moses and the prophets were the greatest religious leaders. What is their relationship to Jesus? Why are Peter’s words important to the audience?
  12. Who are God’s promises for?

What was the need of the lame man? What was the need of Peter’s audience? What are the needs of people today?

Scriptures Referenced

Acts 3:1-26