Acts: Obeying God Rather Than Men

Have you heard of believers in Jesus being persecuted or oppressed because they followed Jesus? Why do you think this happens?


  • Sadducees – a religious group within the Jews who believed the law written by Moses was the only message from God to men; didn’t believe in life after death
  • Apostles – ones sent out; used for Jesus’ 12 special followers
  • Christ – Greek word for Messiah; the deliverer promised by God
  • Salvation – deliverance from God’s judgement on sin and evil
  • Council – group of priests and religious leaders who ruled over Jewish matters
  • Gentiles – people who are not Jews
  • Herod – the king over Jews appointed by Rome
  • Pilate – the Roman governor of Judea
  • David – the greatest king of the Jews
  • Proclaim – teach; preach


  1. Who stops Peter and John from speaking to the people?
  2. Why were they arrested?
  3. What was the reaction of the people to Peter’s message? Why do you think the people reacted differently from the leaders?
  4. The leaders Peter and John talk to are the same ones who planned Jesus’ death. What do they want to know from Peter? Why?
  5. How does Peter answer them?
  6. Where does salvation come from?
  7. How do you think the council felt after they heard Peter’s answer? Why can’t they argue with him?
  8. The leaders didn’t believe Peter, even though the lame man was healed. Why do you think they refused to trust in Jesus? Why did they want Peter and John to stop preaching?
  9. What command did the leaders give Peter and John? How did they answer? Why?
    1. If you were a leader, what would think about their answer? Why?
  10. After they were released, Peter and John met with other believers to pray. If you were them, what would you have prayed for?
    1. What did they pray for? What don’t they ask for? What is most important to them?
  11. How does God answer their prayer?

Have you faced opposition for believing in Jesus? When does a Christian disobey his government?

Scriptures Referenced

Acts 4:1-31