Six Viewpoints: Thomas

John 10:19-31


  1. Why do you think Jesus’ disciples locked the doors?
  2. How did Jesus get into the room with the doors locked?
  3. Why did Jesus say “Peace be with you!” twice?
  4. Why did Jesus show his disciples his hands and side?
  5. Why were the disciples overjoyed rather than fearful?
  6. What does Jesus mean about being sent and sending?
  7. What does it mean to receive the Holy Spirit?
  8. What did Jesus mean by forgiveness of sins?
  9. Why didn’t Thomas believe his friends?
  10. Why do you think Jesus waited a week before appearing again?
  11. What does Thomas mean by “My Lord and my God!”?
  12. Why did Jesus say those who have not seen are blessed?
  13. What did you learn about Jesus?

Scriptures Referenced

John 20:19-31