Six Viewpoints: Lazarus

John 11:1-6, 11-27, 38-45


  1. Why didn’t Jesus hurry to Lazarus’ house when he was told of his illness?
  2. Why did Jesus tell his followers that Lazarus was dead?
  3. What did Martha mean by saying Lazarus would not have died?
  4. What was Martha thinking about when she spoke of the resurrection at the last day?
  5. What do you think Jesus means by saying he is the resurrection and life?
  6. What did Jesus mean by his statement about belief, life, and death?
  7. Why did Martha protest when Jesus said to remove the stone?
  8. What does Jesus mean by the “glory of God”?
  9. Why did Jesus say these things so others would hear them?
  10. Do you think it is possible for God to bring a person back to life who has been dead 4 days?
  11. Why did “many” of the Jews, and not all, believe in Jesus?
  12. What did you learn about Jesus from this?

Scriptures Referenced

John 11:1-6
John 11:11-27
John 11:38-45