Interacting With Jesus: Thomas

Read John 11:5-8, 14-16, 20:19-31


  1. Why were the disciples afraid for Jesus to go to Judea again?
  2. How did Thomas react when he realized that Jesus was determined to go to Bethany?
  3. What did Thomas think was going to happen there?
  4. What character qualities does Thomas have?
  5. Describe what happened in the second passage. How did Jesus’ appearance change the mood of the people gathered there?
  6. What did Jesus send them to do?
  7. What did he do to give them power for their task?
  8. Why might Thomas not have been there?
  9. How would you act this scene out?
  10. How do you see Thomas rejecting his fellow disciples?
  11. Why doesn’t Thomas keep quiet or lie to keep peace?
  12. What would that week of unbelief have been like for Thomas?
  13. What did he do that week? What didn’t he do?
  14. What did Jesus know about Thomas?
  15. Why did Jesus use Thomas’ own words?
  16. What did Thomas do?
  17. How was he convinced? When?
  18. What comment did Jesus make about Thomas’ faith?

What similarities do you see between Thomas and Philip? How did Jesus handle their moments of unbelief?

Scriptures Referenced

John 10:5-8
John 11:14-16
John 20:19-31