Interacting With Jesus: Simeon and Anna

Read Luke 2:22-28


  1. Why were Mary and Joseph bringing Jesus to the temple at this particular time?
  2. What can we learn about Simeon?
    1. What has he been hoping and waiting for?
    2. What promise has he been given?
    3. What do people long for today?
    4. How does this affect their lives?
  3. Why was Simeon in the temple at the same time as Mary and Joseph?
  4. What is the connection between Simeon’s desire and the guidance he received?
  5. Does the Holy Spirit guide people today? How?
  6. What seven things about Jesus does Simeon reveal in his speech?
  7. What do you learn about Anna?
    1. How are she and Simeon similar? Different?
    2. What was Anna’s response to this event?
    3. Who did she tell about her experience? Why?
    4. What did she believe about Jesus?
  8. What do you learn about Jesus from Simeon and Anna?
  9. How did their devotion to God prepare them to receive the news of God’s work?

Like Simeon and Anna, we need to be looking for the working of God in our lives, not holding on to things as they are or wanting only the things we expect. As we sense god at work, we need to respond. What are you seeing about the reality of God? How will you respond?

Scriptures Referenced

Luke 2:22-28