Interacting with Jesus: The Pharisee and Woman

Read Luke 7:36-50


  1. Why do you think Simon (the Pharisee) had invited Jesus to his house?
  2. We learn that Simon failed to perform polite actions of greeting. What does this tell us about his attitude toward Jesus?
  3. How does this compare to the actions of the woman?
  4. Why do you think she went to see Jesus?
  5. What did it cost her to express her appreciation of Jesus socially? Emotionally? Financially?
  6. What was Simon’s response to the woman’s actions?
  7. What did he think to himself about Jesus? Why?
  8. How did Jesus respond to Simon’s unspoken criticism?
  9. What was Jesus teaching through this story?
  10. What did it imply about Simon?
  11. How did the people react to what Jesus said?
  12. Do you think Jesus was being rude to Simon?
  13. Why was Jesus so direct in what he said?
  14. Even though Simon was highly religious, what did he still not have?
  15. What can we learn about the woman from her actions?
  16. What was her view of herself? Of Jesus?
  17. Why do you think she didn’t care about what others thought of her?
  18. Why could she be forgiven, even though she had lived such an immoral life?
  19. Was Simon forgiven? Why or why not?
  20. How does his reaction compare to the woman’s?
  21. How do people today deal with the wrong things in their lives or the guilt they feel?
  22. Jesus said he could forgive sins. What reactions do you think Simon and woman gave?
  23. What would your response be?

It is common in life to perform a test to measure the status or content of something. An encounter with Jesus was like a test for many people, revealing the true attitude of their minds and hearts.

Scriptures Referenced

Luke 7:36-50