Interacting With Jesus: Peter

Read Matthew 14:22-33 and Luke 9:1-26


  1. Jesus had just performed a miracle and fed 5,000 people. What might the mood of the crowd have been like after this?
  2. Why might Jesus have sent the disciples away? Why would he have wanted to be home at this time?
  3. Why difficulty did the disciples encounter?
  4. How did the disciples first react to Jesus walking on the lake?
  5. Why might Peter have wanted to join Jesus on the water?
  6. What do you learn about Peter from this?
  7. What emotions might Peter have had?
  8. When did Peter begin to sink? Why didn’t he drown?
  9. What did Jesus say to Peter?
  10. What was he criticized for? What was he not criticized for?
  11. What was the reaction by the others in the boat?
  12. What two questions did Jesus ask Peter and the other disciples in Luke?
  13. What is the difference between these questions?
  14. Which one asks for a personal commitment?
  15. How did Peter answer?
  16. What did Jesus then teach his disciples?
  17. What did Jesus predict would happen to him?
  18. What did Jesus teach us about discipleship?
  19. What does it cost to be a Christian?
  20. Why does it cost not to be a Christian?
  21. Why would anyone be ashamed of Jesus or his words?
  22. What can we learn about Jesus?

What would it mean for you to acknowledge Jesus as the Son of God?

Read John 21:1-25


  1. Who are the people involved in this incident?
  2. What took place?
  3. What caused Peter to realize it was Jesus waiting on the shore?
    1. Why do you think Peter reacted how he did?
  4. What did Jesus tell them to do once they got on shore?
  5. What was Peter’s response?
    1. Why do you think he did that?
  6. Why would Jesus wait until breakfast was finished before he spoke with Peter?
  7. Why would Jesus call him “Simon, son of John”?
  8. What might the word “these” in verse 15 refer to?
    1. What did that mean for Peter?
  9. Jesus questioned Peter three times. How did he respond?
  10. Compare his final response to Matthew 26:31-35. How has Peter changed?
  11. Why would Jesus ask Peter the same question three times?
  12. What had Peter recently done three times to Jesus?
  13. What assignment does Jesus give to Peter?
  14. What was Jesus’ advice to Peter about the future of the other disciple? How is that advice helpful to any follower of Christ?
  15. What would say were Peter’s greatest strengths and weaknesses? How are they related?
  16. What have you learned about Jesus from this?
  17. What would it mean for you to acknowledge Jesus as the Son of God, as Peter did?

Scriptures Referenced

Luke 9:1-26
Matthew 14:22-33
John 21:1-25