Interacting With Jesus: The Centurion

Read Matthew 8:5-13


  1. What caused the centurion to go to Jesus?
  2. As a Roman military officer, what was his position and responsibility in Capernaum?
  3. How do you think he would be regarded by the Jews in that town?
  4. How was he actually regarded?
  5. What does this tell you about his character?
  6. How did Jesus respond to his request?
  7. Why do you think the centurion responded the way he did?
  8. What does this tell you about his view of Jesus? Of himself?
  9. What two things does he compare?
  10. What does he see in the authority of Jesus that is similar to what he has?
  11. What is different?
  12. What authority backs Jesus up?
  13. What does situation this tell you about Jesus’ demeanor (attitude, conduct)?
  14. How did Jesus respond to the centurion?
  15. What is he teaching his followers here?
  16. How does someone enter the kingdom of heaven?
  17. Simon the Pharisee and the centurion were both important men in their society. Compare them – which one came closer to Jesus? Why?

Scriptures Referenced

Matthew 8:5-13