Urbana 18 Global Students Lounge

Hosted by the Global Students Track at Urbana 18, the Global Students Lounge is a place to relax, grab a cup of tea and international snack, and chat with other like-minded people about life as an international student or third culture kid. All Urbana 18 participants are welcome each afternoon!

Location & Time

Dec 27-30: Haytt Regency at the Arch, 2nd floor foyer

Dec 31: Room 105 in the America's Center

The lounge will be open from 1:00-6:00 PM each day, and from 11:00 PM-midnight for those in the Global Students Track. Drop by at the times below for informal discussion times.

TCK Breakout Space

With a growing TCK (third culture kid) population, we are offering a section of the Global Students Lounge as a TCK Lounge breakout. Hours for the TCK Lounge are the same as for the Global Students Lounge, but will be held in Sterling 3 in the Hyatt Regency at the Arch.

There will be TCK specific discussions happening throughout the week. Check out the sign at Sterling 3 for more details.

Dec 28

3:30 | TCK | Games and a mixer to get to know other TCKS

5:00 | TCK | Mobility < > Relationships. Discuss the impact of TCK mobility on our relationships in all their complex forms.

Dec 29

1:00 PM | TCK | Conflict Styles Matter. Many TCK conflicts are inherently cross-cultural. Using a conflict styles assessment, let's learn about our conflict styles so we can face conflict with greater knowledge and humility.

3:30 PM | TCK | Transitions and Loss. Discuss ways to cope with the emotional and spiritual pain of transition and loss that gobally mobile TCKs often face.

4:00 PM | Meet people who have been serving overseas with InterVarsity Link and hear their stories of cross-cultural missions!

5:00 PM | Cross-Cultural Relationships. Hear from experienced staff on how to navigate cross-cultural romantic relationships.

Dec 30

1:00 PM | TCK | Blessed with a Purpose. Discuss how TCKs can impact the lives of others with unique experiences and gifts.

1:30 PM | Join staff from the IFES (International Fellowship of Evangelical Students) for an informal reception!

1:30 PM | Becoming a Global Fellowship: Americans and Internationals partnering to bring the Gospel to the nations, on campus and beyond. Hear from a panel of experienced staff and student leaders.

4:00 PM | TCK | Link staff share opportunities for TCKs to serve with InterVarsity's global partners in IFES.

5:00 PM | TCK | ISM Director Marc Papai shares opportunities for TCKs to serve with InterVarsity's International Student Ministry team as students or staff hires.

DEC 31 - 1:00-5:30 PM AC 105

There will be no lounge pogramming on the 31st. Stop by with your friends to decompress the week! The Global Students Track second session will be meeting in the adjoining rooms from 2:00-3:30 PM. We will do a parade of nations just after 2:00 PM for the entire group!

Where Do I Fit In God's Plan? Session 2

AC 103-104 2:00-3:30 PM

What's next after everything that happened this week? This session will help you process, clarify God’s direction and make specific plans for God’s work in and through you long after Urbana. Stop by anytime to join informal discussions with other participants with similar interests and callings, or meet one-on-one with a staff member for additional planning and coaching. Leave this time encouraged and with one next step!

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