Where To Start Studying the Bible

These are some ideas by Lisa Espineli Chinn of places to start your study depending on the make-up of your group. Download study guides.

With Hindus:

John’s Gospel is the most appealing

Use Jesus’ interviews with people, for example-

John 1:35-51

John 3:1-16 (distinguish between New Birth and Hindu rebirth)

John 4:1-26

John 11:17-27; 38-44

John 18:33-38; 19:8-12

John 20:19-31

With Muslims:

Avoid passages referencing the Trinity or referring to Jesus as the Son of God.

Start with Old Testament prophets and figures they respect such as Abraham, Joseph, Moses, and David

Look at predictions of the coming Messiah (Isaiah 53) then look at Jesus’ death in Luke 23:32-47

With Buddhists:

They admire Gautama Buddha for his sacrificial renunciation of riches and family life, his compassion, and his answer to universal suffering. Show them Jesus, who is the ultimate example in compassion and answer to suffering.

Mark 2:1-12

Luke 7:11-17

Luke 7:36-50

Mark 9:14-29

With Asians:

Look at parables to accommodate pictorial thinking (Luke is probably the best starting place), for example-

Luke 15:1-17

Luke 15:11-24

Think about ways of displaying the text and look for more anonymous ways of getting questions.

Study Genesis 1-3 with both Muslims and Hindus to give a foundation for understanding the Gospel view of God, man, and the world.

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