Email Template

Email Graphics

Use the ISM Simple Email Header or download the blank header and add text. Feel free to also use the Christmas snowflake header during the appropriate season.

To use MailChimp template:

  • Open the html file and view page source (Ctrl+U)
  • Copy all the code
  • Go to MailChimp template
  • Create new template from code
  • Paste Code

When adding text to graphics, follow these specifications:

  • Title
    • Font: Georgia
    • Size: 45 pt
    • Color: Green. Hex code #72bf44, R(114) G(191) B(68)
  • Subtitle
    • Font: Avenir or Century Gothic
    • Size: 14 pt
    • Color: Blue. Hex code #003b6e, R(0) G(59) B(110)
    • Font: Avenir or Century Gothic, all caps
    • Size: 12 pt
    • Color: Grey
    • Location: in the blue bar, right aligned

To use the Outlook template:

  • Open the html file in a web browser
  • Select all (Ctrl+A) and copy
  • Start a new email message in Outlook (or other email program)
  • Paste the template contents into the new message
  • Edit the email message and send

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