Campus Ministry Partners

One million international students are coming to U.S. campuses every year from all over the globe. They speak different languages and follow different religions. They have different views on success and careers or gender roles and family. Some are here as visiting scholars or exchange students for only three months and others are enrolled in an undergrad or graduate degree program for the long haul.

The one thing they all have in common are the stages that they go through before, during and after their time on campus.

In order to fulfill our Biblical mandate to “make disciples of every nation,” InterVarsity needs your leadership at each of these stages!

How has God gifted you to serve His purposes and to bless international students?

Be a Service Partner

Service Partners volunteer where their particular gifts are best used. This could be anything from hosting a dinner for international students, to helping with a weekend conference, to sending mailings on the staff’s behalf.

Be a Friendship Partner

Friendship Partners invest in students or a small group of students. This could be having a conversation partner or leading a Group Investigating God (GIG). Friendship Partners will build relational trust and practice evangelism, discipleship, hospitality, and leadership.

Be a Leadership Partner

Leadership Partners develop American and international students to become leaders in their chapters and communities. Instead of taking evangelism, discipleship, and leadership roles directly, Leadership Partners mentor and train international students to step into them.

Be a Campus Partner

Campus Partners shepherd ISM’s work on a particular campus from New Student Orientation to preparing graduates for reentry. They take part in evangelism, discipleship, leadership development, coordinating, and liaising with InterVarsity ISM.