Ephesians Bible Study - Day 9

I. Background Information

  • Submit to one another (v 21): to let your husband’s (or wife’s) desire be the thing that guides your action instead of just doing what you want to do. This was a surprising idea since wives were seen as the husband’s property like a cow or a table. She had few rights and was not even allowed to be a witness in a court.
  • Reverence (v 21): honor.

II. Read Passage (Ephesians 5:21-33)

  • Underline main ideas as you read.

III. Summary

This section is the famous summary of what God intends for our marriages. In v 21, it is summarized by saying we should each be more concerned for our husband or wife than for our self. If we each make our partner’s desires and needs our first priority, marriage will be wonderful. A wife is to put the husband first and follow him in love. A husband must put his wife first and give his whole life for her.

IV. Daily Thoughts (write out your answers)

  1. What did you learn today? Write down a few thoughts you have about what you read.
  1. What questions do you have after reading and thinking?
  1. Is there anything you think God wants you to do based on what you read today?
  1. For what people or situations do you need to thank God today?
  1. For what people or situations do you need to ask God’s help today?
  1. Take time to talk to God about these things. (talk and listen) 

Scriptures Referenced

Ephesians 5:21-33