The triennial ISM Staff Conference 18 will be held in Tempe, AZ, Jan 2-6, 2018. See email communication about the conference.

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What should you expect?



All full-time ISM staff are required to attend. We love to see part-time ISM staff, ISM-friendly staff, and potential ISM candidates! This conference is a great opportunity to bring students who are considering coming on staff, and the best time to connect with ISM staff and ISM resources. We're looking into childcare, but we are a welcoming group! Your young one is free to be in our sessions if you feel comfortable.

Or did you want to know, "Who will I see there?" Expositors Tom Lin and Joe Ho!


The conference costs $980 per person. This includes reimbursement for travel as well as lodging, food, and facility fees.

Think Tanks

Think Tanks invite staff to address common ISM issues by collaborating together to answer questions and solve problems. As an alternative to these think thanks, we will debut a new staff training track for newcomers who want to learn the basics of ISM staff work.

  • Leadership: Inviting Students to Move Along the Pathway

    • Identifying and affirming international student leaders is still a challenge, which effects our goal of internationals as agents of change in their home countries or elsewhere.  This think tank’s focus is on where issues lie and what best practices will help students understand and affirm their God-given gift of leadership.
    • How can we increase the number of internationals in the Little Bro/Sis and Big Bro/Sis categories?
  • Reentry: Preparing Students for Post-Academic Transitions

    • Preparing our students for post-academic transitions often is an afterthought in highly evangelistic and fast-paced chapters. What are key issues and best practices to prepare students for post-academic and crosscultural transition? How do we move away from “I do this in the last 3 months” to an integrated development of disciples and leadership?
    • How can we equip students in discipleship, formation, and spiritual and work integration?
  • Training Student and Community Volunteers

    • Volunteers enhance our ministry in many ways, but they can also present challenges if out of touch with the needs of internationals and/or Intervarsity’s vision. How can we train American community and student volunteers in student empowerment, partnership, crosscultural sensitivity, and vision for creating world changers?
    • How can we develop better lenses for ministry collaboration?
  • Evangelism: Inviting Students from Curiosity to Openness

    • Recent AFR’s show most internationals do not cross from threshold #2 (curiosity) to #3 (openness). When open, students are willing to take a risk to see if Jesus is real. The students and the staff inviting them along the thresholds each live with unique worldviews and cultural practices. How do we develop cultural awareness as we proclaim the Gospel and empower students to cross the threshold?
    • Why do students fail to move forward? What communication from staff assist or hinder movement through the thresholds?
  • Understanding the ISM World

    • New staff or ISM-friendly staff may wish to receive more training rather than jump into some more advanced problem solving. This track will take place during think tank time slots as an alternative option. Jump into the ISM world and learn more about the unique challenges and opportunities that international ministry presents! This brand new training curriculum will prepare you to lead an ISM chapter or small group when you return to campus.

Seminar descriptions to come...

Wouldn't you love to be here in January?