Urbana 18 Global Students Track

Get the information you need about the Urbana 18 Global Students Track (GST) here! The Urbana Missions Conference will be held in St. Louis, MO, 27 Dec-31 Dec 2018.

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What is the GST?

The Global Students Track is for international students, TCKs (third culture kids), US students who want to go deeper in their cross-cultural connections, and students from around the world who are coming to Urbana. And, like Urbana itself, you don't have to be a student to attend! While the majority of Urbana participants are university students, the conference and the track are great places for anyone to come discern more about missions in their lives.

In the GST, you will be learning how to use your cross-cultural experiences for God's kingdom. In addition to the Urbana main sessions and speakers, you will also get to...

  • Live in community with other global students
  • Join in manuscript Bible study each morning with other global students
  • Meet and pray with others from your home region or country
  • Fellowship together with special access to the Global Students Lounge each evening
  • Experience seminars and speakers curated just for you, including these topics:
    • Outreach in Honor/Shame Cultures
    • Demystifying Spiritual Warfare
    • Developing and Sending Global Christian Leaders
    • Finding Your Place as a TCK in God's Global Mission

Basic Schedule

  • Dec 27th: arrive in St. Louis, MO

    • Check into your hotel and the conference
    • Meet some new friends and eat dinner in town with them
    • Attend the first Plenary Session with 16,000 other students at the Dome
    • Meet other GST participants and experience your first Country/Regional Prayer time
  • Dec 28th

    • Experience manuscript study with the entire track
    • Hear more about Revelation in the second Plenary Session
    • Go out into the city for lunch
    • Attend the first GST main session and hear from amazing speakers!
    • Take some time to attend a seminar or a lounge
    • Eat more food
    • Keep exploring God's word through the third Plenary Session at the Dome
    • Talk about your day and pray in Country/Regional Prayer groups
    • Get sleep!
  • Dec 29th

    • Dive back into manuscript study with the GST
    • Jump back into more Revelation at the fourth Plenary Session at the Dome
    • Try out a new restaurant for lunch
    • Pick out two seminars to go to, wander the exhibit hall, get prayer ministry, or go to a lounge
    • Find friends at dinner
    • Hear more amazing exposition at the fifth Plenary Session
    • Pray with others from the track
  • Dec 30th

    • Discover something new in manuscript study
    • Enter into an interactive art experience centered around what you're hearing in Revelation
    • Avoid the cold with a warm lunch!
    • Pick out two more seminars to go to, wander the exhibit hall, get prayer ministry, or go to a lounge
    • Eat more food
    • Attend the seventh Plenary Session
    • Pray about the day with others from the track
  • Dec 31st

    • Take part in your last manuscript study
    • Get closer to the end of the story of Revelation in the eighth Plenary Session
    • Try out one more restaurant
    • Go to the last GST main session to plan your next step once you get home
    • Take in one last chance at lounges or the exhibit hall
    • Celebrate the climax of God's story of Revelation in the final Plenary Session
    • Party to welcome in 2019!
    • Get sleep?