Urbana 18 Global Students Track

Get the information you need about the Urbana 18 Global Students Track (GST) here! 

What is the GST?

At the Global Students Track, you will be learning how to use your crosscultural experiences for God's kingdom. In addition to the Urbana main sessions and speakers, you will also get to...

  • Live in community with other global students
  • Join in manuscript Bible study each morning with other global students
  • Meet and pray with others from your home region or country
  • Fellowship together with special access to the Global Students Lounge each evening
  • Experience seminars and speakers curated just for you, including these topics:
    • Outreach in Honor/Shame Cultures
    • Demystifying Spiritual Warfare
    • Developing and Sending Global Christian Leaders
    • Finding Your Place as a TCK in God's Global Mission

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