International InterVarsity GATHERING!

Thanks for joining in! We'll announce any future GATHERING! on this page.

The event was Friday, May 15 from 7 pm to 8:30 pm Central Time and has now ended.

Our world is in a unique time as we face the COVID-19 pandemic and its implications in every area of life. Learn how God meets us in a time of uncertainty and stress. Join international students from around the globe for online community, multiethnic worship music, and optional prayer ministry. This event is for all students, faculty, scholars, alumni, ministry partners, and friends of any ethnic or religious background.

To join the call you will need to download Zoom.


The International Gathering is an open event, so anyone can join. For that reason, participants are welcome to turn their video and audio off, and/or change their name. You can even set these up in your "Settings" before the call.