Acts: Witness to Africa


  • Eunuch – a man who has been made physically incapable of sexual reproduction
  • Prophet – person chosen by God to deliver God’s message
  • Isaiah – a prophet in Israel about 700 years before Jesus lived
  • Scripture – writings; the Bible
  • Disfigured – bent out of shape
  • Marvel – wonder at; be amazed at
  • Sacrifice – an offering or gift to God
  • Baptism – to dip in water; symbolizes belief and trust in Jesus


  1. Even though many people in Samaria were becoming Christians, Philip leaves them. Why?
  2. What is the man like that Philip was sent to? Why did he travel to Jerusalem? What is he doing while he travels?
  3. What does God’s spirit lead Philip to do? Why?
  4. What did the Ethiopian want someone to do? What did Philip do?
  5. What did the passage say? How does it describe Jesus?
  6. What will be the end result of the work of God’s servant?
  7. If we were told God became a man, what would we expect him to be like? What was surprising about Jesus?
  8. What were the reactions of the world to Jesus while he was on earth? How did his life end?
  9. In what ways are these verses a description of the arrest, trial, death, and burial of Jesus?
  10. What was the purpose of Jesus’ death and resurrection?
  11. What happened to the Ethiopian official who heard the good news about Jesus?

Look at the four mentions of Philip so far (Acts 6:3,5; 8:4-5,26-29,39-40). What was Philip’s life marked by? What do you learn from Philip about being a witness for Jesus Christ?

Scriptures Referenced

Acts 8:26-40
Isaiah 52:13 - 53:12