Acts: Proclaiming the Message to the Gentiles

Peter had learned that God’s grace and salvation is for everyone, but not all the leaders in Jerusalem felt the same. They still were prejudiced against Gentiles and believed God favored the Jews. They believed Gentiles were outside God’s care and concern.


  • Circumcision – physical operation perform on Jewish boys showing they were under God’s law
  • Baptism – to be dipped in water as a sign of belief and trust in Jesus
  • Repent – to turn away from sins and wrongdoing and turn to God
  • Faith – belief and trust


  1. Why was Peter criticized after returning from his visit with Cornelius? Who criticized him?
  2. What did the Jews want Gentiles to do to become followers of Jesus?
  3. How does Peter respond to these ideas?
  4. What does the coming of the Holy Spirit on Gentiles mean?
  5. How do others react to Peter’s answers?
  6. How does what started with Peter and Cornelius continue in Antioch?
  7. What does the church in Jerusalem do when they hear the news from Antioch? Why?
  8. How does Barnabas live up to his nickname again? Why do you think he brings Saul to Antioch?
  9. What new name is given to the believers in Antioch? Why might that be?

Scriptures Referenced

Acts 11:1-26