Acts: God Treats Everyone on the Same Basis

Cultural differences are important to understand, since they have the potential to create barriers between people. The first believers were all Jews. There were wide cultural barriers between Jews and Gentiles. Jews would not associate with Gentiles if they could help it.


  • Vision – seeing something in your mind that may not physically be there
  • Proclaiming – preaching or teaching
  • Baptized – being dipped in water; a sign of belief and trust in Jesus


  1. What do you learn about Cornelius at the beginning of chapter 10? Describe his relationship to God and others.
  2. What frightens Cornelius? How is he encouraged?
  3. What does the angel command?
  4. What is Peter doing when he has his vision?
  5. Describe the vision. Why does he react to the command the way he does?
  6. What concept does the voice try to help Peter understand?
  7. How is Peter prepared for Cornelius’ men?
  8. What does Peter want to know from them? Why?
  9. Who goes to Caesarea with Peter? Why do you think he took other believers with him?
  10. What indicated Cornelius’ interest and sincerity?
  11. What does Peter say he has learned from his vision? What else does he want to know?
  12. How does Cornelius’ explanation show that Peter’s vision came from God? Why is that important?
  13. What are the major points of Peter’s speech? What does he emphasize?
  14. How is Peter’s speech interrupted? How is that a sign? What does it mean?

This chapter is an example of what God did for a man who was truly seeking him. Peter learned the lesson that the good news about Jesus is meant for all people.

Scriptures Referenced

Acts 10:1-48