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Look through these studies created specifically for international students who speak English as a second language.

Use the Discovery Bible Study method as an easily replicated way of leading studies.

Cultural Tips for Communication

People in the same culture tend to communicate in the same way. When we are familiar with one style of communication, we don't notice other styles until communication breaks down. When doing a Bible study across cultures, you likely will run into conflict with communication. Pay attention to where trouble spots are, and adjust accordingly. These four styles are common differences to be aware of.

  • Volume - try speaking louder or softer
  • Body Language - look at the person speaking to you, or stop looking so directly if the person seems uncomfortable
  • Space - stand closer or further
  • Pace - allow for silence and pauses in conversation for processing

Also be aware of dynamics when you're in a larger group. Are your friends more comfortable with people of their own gender? While multicultural groups can offer great advantages, it may be better to keep groups separate by country so that questions do not further confuse group members.

How to Write Good Studies

Do you want to be able to create your own Bible studies for your chapter to use? A guide on writing useful studies is coming soon.

Inviting International Friends to an Investigative Study

Watch these three short videos for some tips on starting and leading a one-on-one study with your friend.

  • Part 1: Making the Ask, What to Expect
  • Part 2: Things to Consider During the Study
  • Part 3: Troubleshooting Unexpected Difficulties

Online Multi-lingual Scripture

Help international students better understand the nuances of scripture by reading passages in their heart languages. Find scripture in multiple languages at any of these sites.

  • World Bibles - tool that collects websites from many different places based on the preferred language
  • Bible Gateway - searchable online Bible
  • - free online Bible in multiple languages with extra tools.
  • Audio Scriptures - audio of the Bible in various languages
  • Arabic Bible - resources for Arabic speakers to be introduced to the Gospel, free New Testament
  • - purchase Bibles, mostly bilingual
  • Bible Database - free online Bible in multiple languages
  • Bible League - organization providing scripture around the world, free downloadable Bibles in various languages
  • - resources for Chinese speakers (the website is in Chinese)