Resource Discounts until June 30

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InterVarsity has many resources and tools that might interest you. They are located on three separate websites:

InterVarsity ISM Website (here)
Hundreds of free digital tools including Bible studies for internationals, brochure-sized 3x3 quick guides on ISM topics, I-GIG outreach Bible study guide, Starting International Small Groups training and Bible study booklet, and more.

InterVarsity Store (
More than 30 ISM-specific products, including new downloadable PDF booklets. Use coupon code acmi2020 to get 20% off the already low prices on ISM products through June 30, 2020. (You may have to login or add your email and shipping choice before it will accept the code.) Bulk discounts (up to 60% off) can be combined with the acmi2020 coupon, so consider stocking up for your whole organization. (InterVarsity staff are not allowed to use the coupon code.) These three new products from 2019 have been especially popular in the last year:

InterVarsity Press (
Get 40% off printed books (plus FREE US shipping) or 50% off ebooks until June 30, 2020. This page lists the details and 25 books we're recommending for ACMI. IVP has hundreds of great books on crossing cultures, understanding and studying the Bible, spiritual formation, evangelism, discipleship, leadership development, Christian living, and more.